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Economic Justice and the Economy
I understand the Montana Legislature has a vital role to play in our state economy and in the livelihood of Montana’s families. I will do what I can at the state level to ensure that Montanans have the ability to take care of themselves and their families. If elected, I will work with legislative colleagues to improve the lives of Montanans through smart economic policies and public investments.  Increasing the minimum wage, offering Montana workers paid sick and family leave, investing in our state’s infrastructure and workforce, and increasing access to healthcare are all policies I will support and defend. Together, we can increase opportunity and make Montana a better place to live and work.

Public Education
I believe a thriving public education system is the foundation of a good economy for our state and a successful democracy.  Montana’s public schools need to provide equal opportunity for all children. One of the primary functions of the state legislature is to fund public education. I will work to fully fund the state’s education system and ensure that local districts are getting the support they need. It’s critical to Montana’s kids and to the future of our workforce.

Gender Equity 

In Montana, fairness and dignity are uniting values, but we must work to ensure that those values are reflected in our laws and policies. I will work to protect and expand access to the full range of women’s healthcare including abortion care. I will support policies that eliminate discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression including workplace protections against discrimination and equal pay for equal work. I will help ensure all Montanans can participate and succeed in our state.

Tribal Relationships

It is important to me that Montana nurture and grow our partnerships and government-to-government relationships with tribal nations. Analyzing the impacts of state policies on Indian Country and American Indians should be a priority for the legislature. I will work for strong and consistent communication with tribal leadership about health, economic, and environmental impacts of state policy on Indian people because I know it is critical to ensuring that we are protecting the rights of American Indians in Montana.



Strong and Effective Government
I believe state government plays a critical role in all of our lives. Our public structures like roads, bridges, schools, and parks reflect a shared investment in our state and our communities. I will support policies that ensure this infrastructure is properly funded and efficiently run. I believe this is one of the central roles that the state legislature plays. Public employees, who do the work to keep Montana strong in so many sectors across our state, deserve our respect. They not only maintain our infrastructure, they educate our kids, protect our air and water, and keep public lands and parks accessible. I want to be part of a legislature that respects and protects public employees through a fair pay plan and other workplace policies that ensure public employees are respected and rewarded for the important work they do.  

Environmental Stewardship

The Montana Constitution promises the right to a clean and healthy environment and it is our charge to protect that right. I will support thoughtful policies that protect the quality of the air and water essential to our livelihood and our enjoyment. Our state government must properly assess the impact of development and ensure we are protecting access to our public lands for Montanans today and future generations.